Summertime didn’t slow us down a bit. We went from Aubrey’s Senior activities, to
Graduation, to Haben’s swim lessons, Summer camps for the middle kids, 3 weeks at the beach, moving Aubrey in her dorm at UCF, getting the twins ready for Kindergarten, Mayla for Pre-K, and Haben starting the 2 day 2’s class at preschool!
What a year William and I are having!

Haben has managed to keep up with this busy, active family. He has been to Disney World, t-ball and soccer games, been to a dance recital, to Monkey Joe’s (Bounce place), tubing on a lake,
been to the Florida Aquarium, a road trip to Grandma’s and Aquatica water park. We are floored by his adjustment to his new family and our lives. Haben loves being a sibling in his new family and loves being part of all the exciting firsts he
and they can discover together.

At the beach, you couldn’t keep him from a turn to be thrown into the pool by Daddy. He insisted on trying the skim board at the beach like big brother Liam. There truly isn’t much Haben won’t try or want
to be a part of. We are often asked how the other children in the family are doing with Haben. They just adore him. They constantly fight to sit by him and help him. Mayla can’t stop hugging and kissing him. It’s like human nature for them
to welcome him in. I think they are under the impression that some Moms get babies from their belly and well, some Moms get them from Africa…and that’s that.

Posted on July 15, 2011

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