The Haben spunk and smiles continued as we arrived home and showed him around for his first night at home. He was loving the brothers and sisters, the toys and life in general. He laughed, played, ran around the house with the kids and had
some pizza for dinner with everyone. There wasn't one thing he didn't enjoy except for the dog. He squealed as she got in the room and we had to keep her basically out of sight for a while. He went to Daddy, Aubrey, let the little brothers
and sisters smother him, went to Grandparents and took pictures with friends. What a turn around in security! It was all seeming too easy.

Kaylee and Mayla were a little emotional about their parents being gone
and figuring it all out. Mayla was having the most trouble as she wasn't the baby anymore and it was just impossible to prepare her for a new toddler baby brother. She complained he took her things and cried when something got broken. Extra whining
and crawling into our lap but all with our understanding.

Sunday and Monday, home day 2 and 3, Haben continued showing happiness, security and lots of exploring. We noticed he was amazed by so many things like
the ceiling fans, the toys and the grass outside. We bravely went out to a family dinner, we had a couple of visitors here and there and even piled all four little ones in the tub for a bath and a photo. Monday morning we survived getting him into
the car seat without trouble and got the other three little ones off to school. The kids proudly walked him into school to show him off to teachers and friends. We stayed and played in Liam and Kaylee's class a bit and then headed to show him off
at the dental office to William's staff. He did great for all visits and activities and we are just feeling so thrilled he is fitting right in and feeling secure. The food issues have tapered off a bit and all is surprisingly well. He is waking
up a couple of times at night but goes back down with a little attention. He still feels more comfortable sleeping in his shoes, but we still feel if this is his only security request we can honor it. The kids are teaching him new words quickly and
we practice his saying of each of their names. He did well for his first doctor visit and we are adjusting just fine to having another cutie in the family. It's so fun for all of us to teach him new words and show him many new things and firsts.

Posted on April 27, 2011

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