Aubrey helped coordinate an airport party with the help of the family. We had invited some family members and a few close friends to meet us at the airport to welcome our little guy home forever. My brother Roger, who owns a screen printing
business, helped make "Hearts for Haben" t-shirts for us and the welcoming guests. With catching an earlier flight we weren't sure if it would work out.

To our surprise, there was a big crowd
that arrived to welcome Haben! It was so emotional for us to have so many there to witness the wonderful moment of his arrival. All were wearing the t-shirts and there were posters, banners and lots of cheers. The several kids included cousins, friends
and some of the children that we have met that have also come home from Ethiopia (even a special girl Elsa that was at the orphanage previously with Haben, a recognizable friend came to give him a kiss). Searching to find our kids in the front, we
ran to give hugs and introduce their new brother. Liam had a twinkle in his eyes and was more than ready for the introduction and the girls came in slowly for a hug. Aubrey quickly got her hands on him and she was ecstatic to see he didn't mind
at all being held by her. It was a glorious feeling to be home, to show off our newest family member and see our amazing family and friends!

Posted on April 17, 2011

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