We arrived in Ethiopia safely this morning. The flights weren't too bad but we had trouble sleeping. As soon as we arrived at the Guest House (hotel), we met three other couples from our agency who were ready to head to the orphanage. We
didn't want to miss the ride so we changed quickly and jumped in with them. Haben's favorite Nanny opened the door when we arrived and greeted us with a huge smile and hug. She yelled for Haben and he was brought downstairs to meet us. William
went in first and Haben come down the stairs. He stared for a bit and then started to cry as he saw us, his usual. The nannies quickly tried to pass him off and we quickly dug out treats and toys from our bag. He took a few, but refused to let us hold
him and screamed when we tried. This attempt went on for a couple of hours. We giggled about it and didn't have any hard feelings. Playing with the other cute kids was distracting us from being upset about it. William was so cute with the girls
at the orphanage. A couple were snuggling up to him and playing with him, adorable!

After the coffee ceremony, a midday ritual, Haben was hungry. He slipped away from the favorite Nanny and fought for a spot to sit on the floor
where they usually eat. I was surprised he was doing great to feed himself the Ethiopian meal, scooping up beans with the injera (spongy bread), unlike last time I saw him. I slipped down next to him on the floor and was surprised to find he would
let me feed him. I wasn't a pro but he didn't mind the mess. William got it on video and we were glad we had a least one bonding breakthrough for the day. He did end the visit with handing William and I cookies and toys as the Nanny requested
for him to bring it to "Mommy" and "Baba…Daddy".

We leave in the morning to fly to his hometown, Mekele. Tuesday we go back to the orphanage to keep him for good. We are worried about the transition and for
him to say Goodbye. Not to mention the screaming that will more than likely take place for quite some time after we leave.

Posted on April 10, 2011

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