I've been meaning to do this post for those curious. I wish I would do it justice to describe the emotional aspects of it all but I know I couldn't. The excitement, the waiting, the confusion, scares, the joy, the new friendships, and
the blessings aren't to be forgotten though.

May/June 2010~ We started the process of researching agencies, learning about the process, talking to others and exploring the world of adoption, and choosing a country from where
to adopt. We began by completing a Home Study from a recommended Social worker (loved ours!). This was easier than I thought it would be, no need to clean out closets, more importantly…review the reasons your marriage is so great … was thinking
there would be parenting questions, but forgot about relationship type of questions. We attended a short adoption class as well. We started gathering paperwork requested by the social worker; birth certificate copies, background checks, lots of that
kind of stuff. We needed all of this information for our Dossier which is what you submit to the country you adopt from. We decided on an agency. We went with International Adoption Guides, www.adoptionguides.org,
a smaller agency who knows you when you call, moves you through the process quicker, but is accredited with successful adoptions and wonderful compliments.

August 2010~ We send in our Dossier to our Agency

2010~ We get word our Dossier has arrived in Ethiopia

November 2010~ After review of a medical report, we accept a referral of our new son to be.

January 2011~ Jeanie goes to Ethiopia for Court Date, Haben is
officially our son!

April 13~ Embassy date to bring Haben home forever!

My life dreams have been/are to marry my best friend, become a mother, adopt, encourage someone else to adopt (143 million minus 2+). I've
done 3 out of 4 so far.

I will say two things. If money is the reason you can't adopt, don't let it be. The Lord will fill your pockets and even the government will send you a large tax credit in most cases! Money has come
from everywhere! The moment we decided to accept the challenge God placed before us, God has come into our lives and changed us. Secondly, if you want to do more, give more, volunteer, be more….take the first step and He will bless you ten fold.

Posted on April 6, 2011

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