Fifth day and last visit with Haben until we come back to get him in approximately 8-12 weeks…this is going to be hard.

As I walked into the baby room at the Care Center, as usual, my little guy cries
when he sees me. At least I can laugh a little because I am getting used to it. He was dressed adorable! Suprising attire for orphange wear…button down with necktie and dress shoes. The nannies are sweet to dress him up for me on my last day. I am
so curious who donated that outfit and love that they did!

We played awhile and then headed upstairs to see the big kids who are my buddies at this point. We brought strawberry ice cream to share and it was enjoyed by all. The Nannies
had on the Ethiopian music video channel. We joined the kids and attempted to dance, trying to learn the moves. Haben watched me as he finished his ice cream. (He wanted to feed himself…darn. And the outfit was so cute oh well.) Finally, he let me
pick him up to dance. It was close to nap time though and the dancing turned into swaying as I noticed he was getting sleepy. I was thrilled when he passed out on my chest, a wonderful ending really to a wonderful week with him. I was a bit sad I didn't
officially say goodbye or get to tell him somehow I would be back but it was sweet to lay him down and cuddle for a minute. God please let him know I love him and I'll be back soon to bring him home forever!

Posted on January 31, 2011

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