Jeanie's email to me from Africa:

Breakthrough Day ….at first

When we arrived at the care center today Haben was asleep on the bed. Soo cute. He must have gotten up early.
(Did I mention he's called Ha ben here with a short a sound? as we suspected.)
I got to enjoy other babies while watching him sleep…precious. There is a picture I'm sending of the little malnourished one's hand in mind. He
is a sweetie. Hope he finds a home. No objective with that comment.

Haben woke up and I was prepared for the usually crying but he seemed just fine about me being there. We got right to playing. This made me feel great and I felt
we really had great progress day four because of this. There's a picture of him in a pile of toys on the bed. Spoiled already…the other kids are just sitting around really without much and he looks like the prince. Oh, and by the way, don't
even think about coming near any of the toys other babies or he'll let you know (they all seem to be aware he's the baby in charge down there). There is another picture of him whining to me about someone taking his backpack as I come to the
rescue of course.

We played awhile and then he decided he's not sure about me again. I try to get him upstairs..another nanny has to help. And guess whos upstairs…his favorite nanny. I'm done for the day. I sat by him
as he played on her cell phone trying to touch him even now and then but he fusses at me. I got my hair done by Lettamasket and the other girls there. Apparently, it was get your hair braided day because the whole gang was busy braiding. I look hilarious.
Haben thought it was interesting. I forgot we told our driver we would only stay a few hours today, not sure why. When the van pulled up and honked, I started to cry. It's official…I'm in love. I've officially attached myself to him…hope
he's gonna come around sometime with me. Tomorrow is my last day to see him for at least 8 weeks. Getting sad. Happy to get back home to my wonderful husband and sweet kids though.

Can't wait for you to come to Africa. I
am changed forever. The poverty is so evident. The people are so respectful, happy and appreciate of the nothing they have. Love u.

Posted on January 30, 2011

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