Super Haben day! He did the usual crying as I came in (oh no not the
one you call mommy again!). Although, it was only 1-2 mins. until he
came to see what
I brought and he sat right next to me!!!!!! The new
backpack I brought was perfect! He played with me for 30-45
minutes!!!! He was even happier today which was wonderful to see!!!
I bounced around with the push balloons
I brought and we had a blast.
He didn't even look for his favorite nanny or need her to help us get
acquainted. We went upstairs together…oops spot the nanny and it was
over. Although, best parts yet, he let
me feed him, sat on my lap
awhile and then even let me snuggle him up on my back for nap!!!!!!!
He did this for 20 mins but then when I tried to add the banket like
the nannies do he wanted his favorite nanny. Oh
well, super day.
Haben is happy….mommy is happiest.

Posted on January 29, 2011

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