I dropped Jeanie and her Mom off at OIA at 11:30AM yesterday and received an email from her today at 3:30PM saying she arrived at the Guest House in Addis Ababa. Approximately 28 hours door to door. Her email read:

honey! I made it. Just got to hotel. The other couple is great.
Flight wasn't bad at all. I'll get calling card in morning. You
could try calling here if you get this soon. Going to bed soon. I
heard Haben
got switched to Addis 2-3 days ago. Leaving to meet him
at 9:00!!!!!!! I'll call u then. Love to the kids.

Gotta run.


I am so excited for Jeanie to meet our little guy. This is truly a lifelong dream come true for her!!!

Posted on January 26, 2011

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