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Haben is doing super!  The first several weeks home Haben has been an overall happy guy and so go with the flow for all of our busy, family activities.  His adjustment has been so much of the basic adjustments that you could expect.  After reading a toddler adoption book on the problems possible with bonding, we are so blessed things are going so smoothly for him and us. He had his kind of whiny moments as expected and needed Mom to hold him often as a cure.  I would put an Ergo back pack carrier on the chair in the living room and when he was needing to be close to Mom, he would go get it and bring it to me so he could be held. It was a perfect fix for him and me, a busy Mom who just couldn’t hold him all the time but carrying him on my back wasn’t a problem.  I’ll never forget strapping him on in my pajamas just to get breakfast served for the rest of the family.  The Ergo was so much easier on my back and I would highly recommend it for any Mom with a desire to hold and bond with a toddler.  I’m so thankful my adoption Mom friends recommended and loaned one to me. We didn’t leave home without it for a while. I could tell he liked to be held more when the siblings were at school.  Probably just too quiet around here than he used to and possibly creates anxiety for him.  Thank goodness for this noisy house full I guess.

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