Hearts for Haben: Our Adoption Story


I Got A Kiss!

The wait continues and I try very hard to be patient but the calendar at my house is moving slower than normal I swear.  I am so blessed to have some new pictures sent of our sweet little Haben!!!  Tears came rolling down when I saw the first one.  Ok wait, a little back story.  Amazing enough, I somehow have met some other families in the area also adopting from Africa, also from Ethiopia, and also through my agency.  The few girls that have helped guide and inspire me have now helped me meet others sharing a similar journey.  This is the crazy part.  There are five children hanging out together in the same small square footage orphange that are coming home here to Florida very soon!  This is such a gift from God to have the support of others that are in the same process with us on our journey.  Haben will have friends that will be like family for life because of this.  Back to the photos.  One of these wonderful friends, Jessica, was in Africa recently for her court date and delivered a package for us to Haben.  I tried to limit the donation to only necessity items but it was too hard not to send a treat and toy in that teensy gallon zip lock bag.  I printed out some blown up pictures of Haben and me, hoping the nannies would put them up on the walls for him.  So as I got these pictures and saw him see me and even KISS the picture of me, I melted.  You see, all the work on showing love was so one sided when I was there that this made me feel so special.  This process from court until Embassy has been estimating to take 10-12 weeks which puts us going to get him some time in April.  We almost have 4 weeks down so far but this is so much harder than I thought.  I know it's all in God's timing and me fracturing my pinky toe was a great time consuming obstacle for me (ha ha) but another 6-8 weeks sounds like forever.  We did get word that we have been given our court decree and the next step is getting Haben's birth certificate and passport.  Yall cross your fingers those whip together quickly.  You know he's getting more attached to that sweet nanny he loves everyday.  Just kidding little one...bond away.

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