Hearts for Haben: Our Adoption Story


On My Way!

For REAL??? i am really on my way to Africa?  One minute I'm a regular old housewife & Mom, and the next thing you know I'm heading way out of the country to add another cutie to the family.  Crazy mixed emotions...I'm leaving my babies for seven whole days, a first.  Not to mention, haven't been away from William for that long either.  He so doesn't trust me traveling without him.  It's such a surreal feeling to do this though.  It's a lifelong dream becoming a reality. But it also feels so guided by God like one of those things you end up doing and not sure how you ever decided to do this.  God's plan for our family.  I'm just here for the ride.  It also occurred to me we'll have four little ones five and under....Lord stick with me on this wonderful journey your sending me on....please. 

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