Hearts for Haben: Our Adoption Story


Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots....Everybody!!!

December 3, 2010

Ok so don't ask about the title.  It's a silly song that's out and I couldn't resist.

So I call any time William and I get out of the house alone a date.  I got a crazy date story for ya.  So one day in December we got the in-laws to watch the kids and headed down to the local Health Department.  Yep, that's right, I'm calling a trip to the local health department a date.  Sometimes you got to make the best of any situation and time together.  Yall with little ones know what I'm talking about.  We needed to get several immunizations for our trip to Africa, fun!  We did kind of giggle as each one took our turns getting injected.  I called it our labor pains for the adoption.  So glad the hubby was finally feeling some labor pains with me this time.  It was a pretty funny experience though and I was reminded that William and I can make some fun out of anything.  As I look back on this handsome photo of William, I think the thought that usually enters my mind lately.....how did I talk him into this one????? 

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